What To Avoid Wearing In The Canyon

I shoot in the second largest canyon more than any other location. From elopements to maternity's everyone always asks me the golden question-


There are a lot of things to keep in mind when picking out your wardrobe for a session, such as what color brings out your eyes, does it clash with your skin tone and hair, do you feel confident in it? First and foremost, make sure you wear something that suits YOU. Not something that you saw on pinterest and you just want the exact photo, because I promise you, if you wear something that you’d NEVER wear besides that shoot, it doesn’t come across as authentic but more like……. trying to copy someone you saw on pinterest.


Any canyon has the same tones regardless what time of year it is. In Palo Duro Canyon in the winter, it has the most beautiful reds and browns, but in the summer it has the same reds and browns but with green added.

These color choices look amazing YEAR round and an added benefit, pick something flowy. Reason being, when that canyon wind hits just right, it’s glorious.

  1. Maroon tones. Darker reds are so dreamy with the rocks and red dirt. You’d think they’d clash, but it’s a very nice comparison. Kind of like the perfect wine pared with the best chocolate.
  2. Mustards & Tans. Darker yellows and lighter brows literally make my heart skip a beat. There is something amazing that happens when the mustard yellow meets the golden sun for sunset.
  3. Hunter/Olive Greens. I have found these colors to be best for summer time, but even during the winter with snow on the ground, it really pulls out the desert feel, especially if there are cactus near.
  4. Cream. I mean….. This sounds basic but holy crap…. Cream can really class up any sunset. Not only does your eye go straight to the couple but when it’s right with a sunset, it makes the colors explode.


Alright, so I told you what colors are super awesome to wear but you might be thinking, I’m not a fan of mustard, or olive green doesn’t really go with my ghost like skin. I hear ya, I hear ya. If you’re going to go off the beaten path, let me help you out on telling you what NOT to wear.

  1. Yellow. Specifically bright yellow. Not only does it just not look okay against the natural color of the Earth, but it is the PERFECT color to attract any bug that flies….. Yup… Wasps… Flies…. Mosquitoes….
  2. Bright Blue. Darker blues are okay, but try to avoid brighter blues.
  3. Cheetah print. It may look freaking awesome downtown, but it doesn’t look as awesome in a Canyon setting.
  4. Orange. If you’re down in the canyon, bright oranges and yellows can really off set the actual color of your skin when you’re trying to pair it with the backdrop. If you’re a huge fan of orange, try going with a darker orange.

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