Revive your photography business with my mentorship program

Do you have the passions in your heart to become a successful photographer but hate the business side?

You compare yourself to all these other photographers and die a little inside when you hear they’re all booked and you’ve got crickets. You see that they’ve found the secret sauce and no one is sharing it with you on how YOU can make your business successful. You so badly want to be able to charge what you believe you are worth and you don’t quite believe that people will respect you for it.

What if I tell you EXACTLY what you needed to do to attract, and BOOK the clients you want and take out the guessing game?

I’m here to tell you that ANYONE can be a successful photographer. Yes, YOU. You 100% can be a photographer that brings in $100,000+ a year.

“Me?! But how?! My work is horrible compared to yours. I haven’t been in the industry as long as you have. My editing style isn’t consistent and I hate the way I shoot.”

I wished I had someone like me when I was starting off 15  years ago to take me by the hand and show me HOW to land my target clients instead of wasting my time and energy learning the hard way. You have to be a wordsmith. You have to know what experience your clients are wanting. I can hand this to you in a basket and bow.

My very first photography workshop sold out within 24 hours without social media. I have a solid seamless workflow that is dedicated to standing out, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.

I am not a soft and fluffy type of person. I do not accept excuses and fully believe that at the end of the day we are the only ones responsible for our failures. Are you going to allow yourself to fail backward or fail forward? It all comes down to what’s the most important to you, what are your goals, and how do you get there, are you going to quit when it gets hard? If you’re a full-time photographer this is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be making $50-$100,000 yearly.

BECOME BNP CERTIFIED. Clients will know you hold the highest standards in the business as well as a seamless workflow standard that isn’t comparable. Get trained by me today!


Photography Mentoring

I have learned a lot from the last 15 years. Lots of fun and laughter and also a lot of struggle, tears, and breakdowns. Through the struggle, I have found what really works well to be successful. I'm not meaning the type of success to get you on magazine covers, I mean the type of success where your income has changed your family's life. The type of success where you're actually shooting your target market and THEY'RE PAYING
Let me help you


The highest standard training that sets you apart in the sea of photographers


This is for the photographers who need help with everything. Website, content, how to shoot better, how to talk to clients and turn them into bookings, the whole business wrapped up in a bow.
Hands-on Website re-structure ▲ Copy on the website that brings emotion to your target audience ▲ Set-up on a successful workflow so your clients get a great experience from the moment they inquire ▲ Finding your niche to specialize in that helps you beat the competition around by standing out and offering what no one else can ▲ Marketing the right way ▲ Social Media ▲ How to Hustle to the right places ▲ Build a 5-year plan along with the restructuring of pricing to be able to hit your financial goals ▲ monthly coaching/mentoring calls for a year ▲ Access to me for in between coaching calls ▲ New Branding Headshots + Branding behind the scenes ▲ Education on how to use your gear and how to shoot better to stand out with styled shoots
This plan is to set you up for success in the photography industry that will reap benefits for a lifetime. There is no way you shouldn't be making 50k your first year if you really stick to the workflow plan. It is for the photographers who love to shoot but can't grasp the business side concept or really what it takes to push them to the level they want to be.
I build your business for you and then hand it over.



Website overview ▲ walk you through verbiage on the website ▲ Finding your style + editing ▲ 12-month monthly coaching/mentoring calls ▲ Access in between calls ▲ restructure of pricing ▲ finding your target audience and where they hang out ▲ help you find those few things that will separate you from the others ▲ Workflow templates to help the experience of your clients the moment they inquire ▲ Headshots + styled shoot
This plan will boost the base you have built for success. It is for the photographers who already have the business side under their belt but can't quite get past the hump and figure out what to do with their talent. This is for the photographers who already have their website and SEO down and just need the boost to figure out what they truly can excel in. Not what they think they should but what really fits them to explode in their industry.



Pricing structure rebuild ▲ one on one workshop education on how to shoot better than before ▲ editing and delivery ▲ styled sessions ▲ 6 months of monthly coaching/mentoring calls ▲ keeping your brand separate from the competition
This is for the photographers who have an established business but need help either re-branding or becoming better. The ones that find themselves stuck in a rut with no end in sight to better themselves



One-on-one education on how to level up your shooting skills with 2 styled sessions + editing ▲ Teach you how to stay consistent with your new level shooting skills where your branding matches your editing ▲ 3 months of monthly coaching/mentoring calls



Come shadow me at weddings or elopements to get the full day experience of what it's like from start to finish on a day of. What is my go-to gear, how I nail certain shots, how to keep the day stress-free for my bride?


Want to be an associate shooter instead?

Do you want to work for a successful photography business instead of building your own?

Let’s talk about working for us! We offer monthly pay as well as great bonuses! You get to shoot and do what you love while we do all the business and editing work! All you do is show up and shoot, what an amazing life that is!

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