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People don’t care what you have to offer. They care about how you make them FEEL.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is not seeing the investment photography has when building their business and separating themselves from the competition.

With branding photography, you get a lifetime supply of pulling images out to use them for your needs, such as websites, social media, and even print products. Our photography plays a highly crucial role for your business because we know that people who shop, shop with their eyes and want to feel a connection before they ever make the first move.

People make their first impressions of you within the first 5 seconds.

In those 5 seconds, you have to show them what your business is about and what you can do for them before they get bored and leave. And buying is often an emotional decision more than a practical one. Therefore, your branding is about influencing the way consumers think about you and your business or product.

Personal Branding Photography has a huge impact on your influence over your current and potential clients.

We help entrepreneurs and small companies reflect their brand identity throughout their marketing. If you take a look at your website or social media, what would be your first impression of yourself? We specialize in your branding by getting to know you inside and out to showcase what you have to offer the world.

Because that photo your insta-husband took of you in target with your Starbucks cup probably isn’t the vision you’re pushing for your business.

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Being a business owner is hard. Showcasing yourself from the competition is hard. You are full of dreams, vision, dedication, and empowerment. It's time you show the world WHO YOU ARE, it's important to every aspect of your business. Are you adventurous? Are you a researcher? Are you fluent in sarcasm and always laughing or someone who buries themselves in books? I am here to strategize and level up your business the way it needs to be seen.

Hi, I'm Brittney and I'm based in wonderful West Texas town, Amarillo. My clients are entrepreneurs who want to level up in their business and want to sell authentically and gain confidence in themselves to explode their company. And by the way, I'm the "fluent in sarcasm". I love to laugh and I'll get you rollin!

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What is the difference between copyright and print release?

As the copyright holder (the photographer), the client may edit, print, share, etc. any and all images covered in the contract as they see fit but under stipulations written by the photographer in the contract of how you can use the images. A Copyright Release is a contract that gives the client full and exclusive rights to any and all photographs specified in the contract.

I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I know I really want this.

Listen, I get it. When I get my headshots done I’m like a deer in the headlights. It’s like everything I’ve ever learned vanishes and the photographer has to direct me. But lucky for you, I don’t get deer in the headlights when I shoot. You will receive a style guide to help with outfits, what looks best, where would be best to shoot and all the juicy helpful tips. I will handhold you the whole way.

How fast do I get my images back?

My turn around time is normally about 2 weeks, but I do offer a 24-48 hour return if you need it in a hurry!

Branding Headshots

On-location with headshots • 45-minute session • Vertical + Horizontal full body and close-ups showcasing your personality •



On-location with headshots • 2-hour session • Web + High-Resolution images • Vertical + Horizontal images showcasing your product to target your ideal client


Style-Up 2

On-location with headshots • 2 hour session • Web + High-Resolution images • Vertical + Horizontal images showcasing you and your product to target your ideal client • online gallery downloading + print ordering • COPYRIGHT release
Copyright release means you would be able to use your images how you want without limitations.

Starting at $5,000