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Steven + Nicole | Palo Duro Canyon Sunrise Adventure Engagement

Nicole + Steven We arrived at Palo Duro Canyon before the sun rose for the day. It was freaking cold, but towards the end of our session, I was shedding clothes. Sunrise engagements and elopements are my ultimate favorite, only because you get the beauty right when the sun peeks through that you don’t get for […]

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Tyler + Sommer | Adventure Engagement | Palo Duro Canyon

Tyler + Sommer Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Engagement Brit Nicole Photography How did you two meet? We high school rodeo’d together and were really good friends for years. He tried for several years to date me and I was never interested. We went to the same college and college rodeo’d together, also. My freshman year […]

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Daniel + Amber | Engagement | Amarillo Texas

Daniel + Amber This is our love story “Amber and I have the same sense of humor, think the same things are important in life, and have always really enjoyed being together…like all the time. Our relationship has always felt easy, and right, and good. It’s honest. That’s something that’s always made it feel easy. […]

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Jacob + Bailey | Engagement Photographer | Palo Duro Canyon

Jacob + Bailey Engagement  Palo Duro Canyon Brit Nicole Photography This beautiful couple came from out of state just so we could go to one of my most prized locations, Palo Duro Canyon. We fought the normal West Texas wind (my face looked like a raccoon from my mascara running down after we were done), […]

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