Amarillo Boudoir Photographer

This is more than just a “sit and pose” photo session. It’s a whole experience that leaves you feeling super confident in your own skin. I’ll send you questionnaires that will target your personality and what you’re confident in which will allow you to experience freedom and fun when we finally get to meet. Our boudoir sessions are so much more than just photos- this is a life-changing experience.

Who are boudoirs for?

They’re for the women who feel like they are run-down moms and need a little self-love. For the women who found the love of their lives and want to give their partner an amazing gift. For the women who need a little spice in their lives to love their bodies where you’re at in life and to be reminded that you are indeed a badass.

Boudoir is the most empowering session you will ever do and it will open your eyes to how mother freaking gorgeous you already are.

You are perfect and you’ll get to see that yourself.

Let’s pop that champagne and have a night of belly laughs. I can tell you from experience from my own boudoir that you will absolutely love seeing yourself in the most stellar way. Honestly, it was the most empowering thing I have ever done.


What To Expect For Your Boudoir Session

▵ You get to pick your location anywhere in Amarillo, Texas city limits. I’m not a studio-type photographer, so I show up to any location you want to shoot at.

▵ You can use your home, your friends home, air bnbs (my favorite because we have a whole house!), hotels and even sometimes out in the country

▵ I have a stellar package that includes lingerie

▵ After you pick a date from my online calendar, signed the contract, and paid your retainer, I will send you a guide on how to make the most of your session and where to find the best-kept lingerie on a budget!

▵ I have the perfect hair and make-up artists to refer to if you’re looking to hire someone for your epic session. PST- there’s a way to get your hair and make-up done for FREE! Ask me how!

▵ We will blast some music, dance, completely mess up our hair and you will leave the session feeling like you’ve just met a best friend.

▵ You will then sit on pins and needles until I have finished editing them. You’ll really want to message me asking if I’m done, but I like to keep my clients in suspense 😉

▵ Set a viewing date for you to pick and choose your favorite images!

Let's Chat!

Intimate Couples Boudoir

Have you ever dreamed of a hot, steamy, intimate session with just you and your partner? You catch yourself zoning off during the day wishing there was a way for you to keep a memory of the sparks between you two in a sexy little album.

You two have been through so much and there’s no reason to not celebrate those butterfly touch moments, as we all know our bodies change each year. It’s a perfect gift for yourselves! I mean, why not take a chance to bring those lightning sparks back?



the session takes place on-location or in-home • pre-session consultation via email/in-person



Let's go to private outdoor areas that have breathtaking views!



Let's go to the mountains or travel to waterfalls!


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