How long have you been in business?
Brittney established Brit Nicole Wedding Photographer back in 2006 based in Amarillo, Texas
What kind of equipment do you use?
Brit has top of the line canon equipment and lighting. She uses 2 Markiii Canon bodies at all times, and her go to lens is her 70-200mm 
Can you hold a date for me?
Absolutely not. Unless the contract and booking retainer has been paid, that date will stay open for other clients to make it fair.
How much is the retainer to book Brit Nicole Photography?
As long as the amount is greater than $500, you decide how much you can do at the time. You have until 1 month before the wedding to pay off how ever you would like to. We are here to make this easy on you.
How long is turn around time until I see my images?
It really depends on the time of year and if it’s busy season. Normal turn around for your images are 1-3 months.
How do I get my images and how many will I get?
You will have the choice of getting your wedding/engagement/bridals/bridal boudoirs either on a wooden USB with your image engraved on the front, or a password protected digital download . Depending upon how long Brit Nicole Photography is hired for your wedding, you are looking at 600-900 images in your hands.
Do you edit all of our photographs?
Yes I do! All of your images are hand crafted -one at a time without batching in bulk groups or mass producing results. My highly trained editing teams often selects a few favorites for special attention and give them a little extra love.
What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t shoot my wedding?
If Brittney is dead, it’s guaranteed she won’t make it to your wedding. Well, she might…. Just not in the way you’d want her 😉
You travel, right?
Of course Brit travels! If you have a wedding outside of Amarillo, there are custom packages tailored to fit just you and your budget!
What if I cancel my wedding or change the date? Do my payments transfer or get refunded?
After the date is booked all monies paid towards the event are nonrefundable or transferable. Brittney had booked that day out just for you to give you the special treatment and her up most attention, while turning away other commissions for that special day. In special occasions, if we are able to book the date you are needing changed, we will make adjustments as needed
I have a huge family that loves to take pictures, can they take pictures while you shoot?
Brit will not deny anyone from snapping some images of someone who means a lot to them. The only thing that is not allowed is when the bride and groom are taken away privately for their intimate moments after the ceremony. No one is allowed to follow or jump in the way of the photographer.